Volunteers with Rebuilding Together Dayton

REALTORS® Help Rebuild the Community

In Projects by Bob Jones

Dayton REALTORS® were out in the community on Saturday, April 27, for National Rebuild Day, partnering with the organization Rebuilding Together Dayton to renovate, repair and restore Dayton city homes for families in need.

A home on Heck Avenue in the Edgemont neighborhood of Dayton was the targeted house this year. Dayton REALTORS® members worked all morning and afternoon along with members of the Dayton Mortgage Bankers Association and the Greater Dayton Real Estate Investors Association to make that property the envy of the neighborhood. Rebuilding Together Dayton’s mission of building community partnerships and providing home rehabilitation for low-income Dayton homeowners (particularly the elderly and disabled) made it the perfect fit for Dayton REALTORS’® initiatives.

“Year after year, our members turn out to help beautify the city and assist homeowners in need,” stated Jan Leverett, president of Dayton REALTORS®. “We’re here to build – and in this case rebuild – a community. Not only do we do the physical labor, we work to engage with its heart and soul – the neighbors. Because we know if we make a difference for one homeowner, that pride gets passed on to residents in the whole area.”

As members of the community, REALTORS® take part in a number of community initiatives throughout the year, from contributing funds to cultural programs such as the Muse Machine, to donating money and materials to Dayton area schools and credit counseling services. The Dayton REALTORS® Foundation provides scholarships to dependents of REALTORS®, and their annual holiday reception serves as Dayton’s largest source of donated toys to the Marine Corp’s Toys for Tots.

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