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Dayton REALTORS® Foundation

Founded in 1995 by the Dayton Area Board of REALTORS®, now Dayton REALTORS®, the leaders of the association established the Dayton REALTOR® Foundation seeking to provide support, funding and volunteers for non-profit organizations that advocate homeownership in and around the Miami Valley and non-profit organizations with missions to enhance the quality of life in the communities REALTORS® serve.

In 2019, a new vision was approved by the Dayton REALTORS® Board of Directors, wherein the foundation would serve as a facilitator of community development projects and advocate for neighborhood growth by providing consulting, project grants, and working with city, county and state leaders and officials to make lasting improvements and increase homeownership to the communities in Dayton and across the Miami Valley.

We operate on

Three pillars of success.

The Dayton REALTORS® Foundation operates on three pillars of success:

  1. By providing grant dollar opportunities in line with the 10 Principles of Smart Growth advocated by the National Association of REALTORS® Smart Growth and Placemaking programs for community improvement projects and city focus groups centered around improvement and homeownership needs.
  2. To offer community development consulting services to local and regional organizations and municipal entities on improvement projects, housing issues, infrastructure, and smart growth initiatives.
  3. To increase marketing and public relations efforts to members of the community and more importantly members of the REALTOR® association discussing the value of the industry’s involvement in local issues and community improvement.

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