Become a Partner

Dayton REALTORS® Foundation welcomes a community of support. Everyone can contribute to a better future.

Partnering With Dayton Realtors® Foundation

Our partners are grassroots focused community business and civic leaders. They give of their time and their money to ensure a better and brighter future for citizens of the Miami Valley. They share our belief that all citizens deserve the right to live with dignity, not dependence. Our partners are the individuals, corporations and institutions who invest in our foundation to follow the 10 Principles of Smart Growth for a better community.


Partner benefits

Our partners are an integral part of our larger business and civic community. Special engagement opportunities, exclusive events and other benefits are available for partners only and include:

  • Quarterly Partner Communications: Updates, photos and videos of projects going on around our community that could feature your business and volunteers for a qualifying project.
  • Partner Networking Events: Throughout the year, there will be scheduled events for donor partners only that will feature speakers and forums on community issues and updates.
  • Partner only Community Roundtables: Our partners will have a chance throughout the year to sit with city leaders of different committees and municipalities to have conversations about growth opportunities and increased interaction.
  • Appearance in Annual Report and on DaytonRealtorsFoundation.Org website and newsletter.

Who are our partners?

Here at the Dayton REALTORS® Foundation, we refer to our donors as partners because giving to the foundation is about more than just a financial contribution. Our partners take a direct role in making homeownership possible, affordable housing a priority, and improving our neighborhoods and communities a reality. We take their expertise and influence and integrate through service project opportunities and playing a direct role in our projects.

As a foundation we go to great lengths to maintain transparency with our partners, sharing detailed reporting on our projects, our grant recipients success, the innovation at work, and connect individually with partners throughout the year who are interested in getting more involved with the real estate community’s goals of making our communities better.